Levels of Service

Maintenance Contracts


PRO Level 1

Our PRO Level 1 service contract includes a Winterization during the fall and a Spring Start- Up in the spring season. The descriptions of services for each appointment include:

  • Winterizations – Remove water from the irrigation system utilizing forced air. The controller will also be disabled at this time. Winterizations are generally performed between mid September and the end of November depending on weather conditions.
  • Spring Start-Ups – In the spring, the system will be pressurized and checked for proper water flow. The system will also be checked for broken heads and leaks. Additionally, automatic controllers will be programmed and the backup battery will be checked. The controller will be programmed and set to run based on current weather conditions, ready to be switched and/or changed by the owner as desired. Spring start-ups are generally performed between mid-March and the end of June depending on weather conditions.

PRO Level 2

Includes 3 appointments with services mentioned in PRO Level 1 and an:

  • Early Summer Check-Up - This appointment serves as a preventative maintenance visit before the heavy summer months. The system will be checked for proper water flow and pressure of each zone; service all filters on pop-up spray heads, rotor heads and electric valves. Sprinkler heads will be raised according to shrub or flower growth. Additionally, the controller program will be adjusted for the summer season.

PRO Level 3

Includes 4 appointments with services mentioned in PRO level 1 & 2 and a:

  • Late Summer Check-Up - This appointment is utilized as an opportunity to perform an overall “check up” on the system after the peak period of the season. The controller will be adjusted down for the early fall season to prevent overwatering of the lawn and shrubs. All heads are lowered accordingly for any changes in annual planting, and all filters will be serviced on pop-up spray heads, rotor heads and electric valves.

For commercial systems, we can provide custom schedules to fit your property's needs.

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